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Tools and Scripts

Tools for Maya:

Animation and Pose Library

The tool makes use of internal software from Crytek and I developed the tool at Crytek so unfortunately I cannot put it up for download like my other scripts.

Hierarchy Filter

Another small but convenient tool. Filter through objects in a hierarchy and select them. Good for selecting all controls except for those that can't translate in a rig for example.

To use the tool, select an object at the top of a hierarchy (the global control in a rig for example), check the box(es) for what object type(s) you want to select, what attribute(s) the object should have visible in the channel box, input any additional custom attribute(s) ('foot_roll' for example), a word the objects name should contain ('ctrl' for example) and click 'select'.

You can download the tool here.
Once downloaded , place the file in your maya scripts directory
(usually C:\Users\your username\Documents\maya\scripts) and open up maya.
Now open a python tab in the script editor and execute the following lines:

import hierarchyfilter

NOTE: this tools UI is made with PySide. Works with Maya 2016 but I cannot guarantee it will work with other versions of Maya.